is a musical art project, based on the (sliding-) didgeridoo and bass-clarinet.
The combination of these instruments together with live looping,
acoustic and electronic sounds results in: Hybrid World Beats.

THUNDERCROW is combining acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. They get their inspiration from the music from around the world. Modern music as well as ancient tunes. The use of the bass clarinet together with the (sliding) didgeridoo as the base of the music, combined with the danceable electronic beats and live percussion they make sure the audience is dancing until their last breath!

THUNDERCROW is: Zachary Bainter, Daphyd Sens and Jakob Hoffman

THUNDERCROW – Ukudansa (Official video)


THUNDERCROWs latest single release

Music is connecting people all over the world…

THUNDERCROW live (2019)

The last track of our set during the night show at Mediaval in Selb, Germany

Filmed for the livestream event, by CeltCast.